Battery tank pop up v.A

  • Control via handheld devices
  • Bluetooth / RF convertor for tablet based control
  • USB / RF converter for single PC based control
  • External infrared remote controller
  • Support for any 60 kg target
  • Powered by external combined battery box
  • Integrated shot detector
  • Illumination and shot imitation outputs
  • Detonator, safflower and smoke shell connection
  • Mobile unit
The new Battery tank pop-up v.A provides a wide range of options in training shooting at large target.
Thanks to its more compact dimensions, battery power supply and RF communications, it can be placed anywhere in the field without the need to connect power or communication wires. The device can be operated together with other Terčot devices via tablet up to a distance of 4 km. This allows the user to compile any exercise based on his needs. The mechanical design consists of high-quality durable steel parts (IP65).
overview of self moving target system connections and components

Remote control

overview of self moving target system remote control

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